1. Use of language in any form that is abusive, hostile, offensive, damaging, sexual, racial, or disrespectful toward another individual is not allowed.

  2. In any form, sharing of content that violates (1) is not allowed

  3. Any form of marketing or recruitment is not allowed unless pre-approved by an Admin.

  4. Repetitive or undesirable form of chat without a target audience will be considered spam.

  5. Disobedience or disrespectful-compliance of Admin moderation will not be tolerated.

  6. Private messaging another individual from this server for personal benefit or with hostility of any form, and reported back by the victim, will be publicly reproached.

  7. Proper channels must be used for all chat; non-related chat can be deleted by an Admin.

  8. Speaking or acting on behalf of admins or moderators is strictly prohibited.

  9. MUSIC BOT USAGE: If you are alone or with your group, go crazy. If there are multiple people on, no crazy queue lines. Each gets his turn. Intentionally skipping/clearing users songs will get you kicked or rights to use the bot revoked. Music bot info: See pinned message in the "Jukebox" channel.


  1. NO PVP OR BASERAIDING - Player and base damage is disabled. No trolling or griefing. Any harassment of other players will not be tolerated (includes incapacitating players' to loot their inventory, looting dead players' bodies, shooting at or blowing up other player’s vehicle, refusing to exit another players' vehicle, etc)


  3. POLICE CARS – Admins only

  4. ONLY 1 Vehicle and 1 Tent per person, per base, no hoarding!


    1. BLACKLISTING (stolen vehicles ONLY) - If your vehicle is stolen, do not keep it quiet. Immediately tag admins and GruppoTNT in #pve-chat. Describe the vehicle and the circumstances in which it happened. If we know immediately, we can tag it and, in most cases, recover it in a short period of time, as well as take action against the player who did it. This works if it is reported immediately. Waiting too long will make it more difficult. The term “Blacklisted Vehicle” (vehicles that are to be returned to their owners when found) is reserved ONLY for those that have been stolen or destroyed by griefers.

    2. If you find a fixed-up vehicle outside in the open, ask around (the owner may be looting nearby). If no one replies or claims them, they are free to take. Leaving vehicles outside and simply exiting the game with no word is sloppy. If you need to bail in a hurry or crash, you can always ask admins or GruppoTNT to secure it for you by tagging them in discord.

    3. If you lose a vehicle due to bad driving, glitches, or blow it up by your own accord and it respawns, it’s free game to whomever finds it first. In most cases, admins and GruppoTNT will help look for it, but this isn't a rule. We do it on our own accord. Don't expect to find a vehicle and think it’s yours forever and can do with it as you like. They are rare so take care of them knowing that.

  6. NO RACIAL SLURS AND/OR INSENSITIVE COMMENTS - To include pinned messages, images, music and the like.

  7. NO OPENING OF PERSONAL COMMUNITY BOXES – Although giving up your valuable storage space is most appreciated, please do NOT open your own community box. Let us handle that and their placings at selected locations. No need to have 20 of them open, but rather help us stock and manage the ones placed.

  8. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE TO RULE THEM ALL...COMMON SENSE - It says friendly PVE server. It should be enough for anyone to figure out what falls into that category.

  9. Any of the rules mentioned can be modified at any point in time. Notice will be given in Discord.

  1. Text chat rule (5) applies to all voice channels.

  2. Voice-sensitivity or open microphone is allowed in all voice channels.

  3. Input volume to not exceed 100%

  4. NO annoying, loud or high pitch noises.

  5. Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible. Resort to push to talk if your environment settings doesn’t permit (2) to reduce the issue.

  6. You will be muted/removed if sound quality is poor to other members.

  7. Mute and deafen recommended to be turned on during AFK.

  8. MUSIC BOT USAGE: If you are alone or with your group, go crazy. If there are multiple people on, no crazy queue lines. Each gets his turn. Intentionally skipping/clearing users songs will get you kicked or rights to use the bot revoked.



  1. NO Base raiding, base damage is disabled (do not jump in players bases, do not steal from their bases, do not kill and gain access to their bases or you will be banished).

  2. DO NOT block the roads with your bases.

  3. DO NOT kill players in bases, and do not shoot others from your bases. Bases are a safe-zone, so don't abuse the power.

  4. You can do Trading, swapping or giving away guides or loot.

  5. ONLY 1 Vehicle and 1 Tent per person, per base, no hoarding! 

  6. Any Rules broken - Admin will remove Vehicles/Tents if spotted in bases, bushes etc. Unfortunately, they will sometimes have to remove walls or doors to do this.

  7. Admins will do Random Base Inspections at any time. That doesn't mean admins think you are breaking the rules, just need to make sure everyone is following them.

  8. Anyone caught trying to manipulate the rules or exploit glitches within the game, or in any way exploiting to gain an advantage over other players, will be susceptible to immediate actions from the admins. Including but not limited to a ban. Anyone willfully attempting to gain an advantage by exploiting the rules and/or in-game glitches will be swiftly dealt with.

  9. All Admin decisions are final. You have the right to one appeal, any decisions after the appeal are final then it becomes a closed case.

  10. Any of the rules mentioned can be modified at any point in time, notice will be given in Discord if such a thing happens.


By playing online you agree to abide the following CoC. You will not:

  • Attack, bully or harass other users.

  • Make violent, death or sexual threats to other users.

  • Promote or encourage others, or yourself, to participate in violent or suicidal acts.

  • Use any language that is derogatory to identifiable groups, sexual in nature, hateful, or culturally/religiously offensive to an individual or group of individuals.

  • Use in-game methods to create racial, derogatory, sexual, obscene, hateful, religiously or ethnically offensive message, scenes or material.

  • Use an in-game character, server or clan name that is racist, derogatory, sexual, obscene, hateful, ethnically or religious offensive, impersonates a real-life person or figure, or an otherwise name that attempts to entice or elicit a reaction from an individual or group of individuals.

  • Post your, or another individual’s, personally identifiable information (i.e. doxing).

  • Share explicit, obscene, sexual, or graphic content via in-game chat or VoIP.

  • Share links or URLs to material that is unsafe (contains malware, spyware, trojans or viruses); or is explicit, obscene, sexual, or graphic in nature.

  • Spam in-game text or VoIP with repeated messages or sounds.

  • Participate, or encourage others to participate, in any activity that may violate local or government laws. Such as, but not limited to, acts of violence or drug use.

  • Use, promote or advertise the use of cheats, hacks, bugs or exploits.

  • Sell or advertise products to other users.

  • Impersonate Entrada Interactive or i3d.net employees and team members.

Violating the CoC is punishable by temporary or permanent banning of the user's account from online services, and/or the removal of in-game text and VoIP chat functionality. Users violating the CoC are not eligible for refunds due to loss of online privileges.

COC can be found at: https://store.steampowered.com/eula/299740_eula_0