Happy Birthday Nevermore!
Today marks our 3 year anniversary. When we first started, it was a community of just a few. We've grown over the years and have watch our community change into what we hope to be someplace to relax and have fun. My dearest thank you to our admin, staff and community members, both old and new, for making our servers and discord what it is today, especially with what's going on in the world. Thank you again everyone and please stay safe.

We have opened up the new Canyonlands DLC map as one of our PVE servers (formerly our PVP server).
Anyone who played on the PVP server will have all their learned guides carry over.

Hello all
We have some news, might be good for some, some might not like it, its been discussed internally on how to proceed with the new map coming out soon. So here it is, both PVE servers will stay on islands map as is the PVP server however, will be turned into a PVE server running on the new map. Our main pull was always PVE so maybe its best if we focus on that. We will not let the PVP people out on dry tho, more below on that How we will proceed is basically:

  1. PVP will be whitelisted, everyone with a base on the PVP server will be whitelisted, everyone who plays on it without a base will be whitelisted additionally once we check if its correct

  2. PVP and ai damage will be turned off, and ai numbers and horde spawns will be crancked up, giving you plenty of chance to farm for coin, it will stay like this until the new map is released giving you time to kiosk everything, you can even kiosk your entire base (1 coin per stack of 5 baseparts)

  3. Once the new map is out, th...

We'd like to announce that our staff has worked diligently to create this most accurate to date, interactive Vehicle and Tent spawn location map.
(NOTE: Some data is still being gathered and worked on)


  • This update has a lot of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements in it - many of them are based on player's feedback

  • It also has a lot of new changes to the crafting, base building, and vehicle systems

  • Before providing feedback on the changes, please test them in game and then provide feedback on the Miscreated Discord server

  • Over time, we will add/remove/tweak features as needed to improve the gameplay of Miscreated

  • Some of these changes are to explore a faster gameplay style that balances the crafting and raiding mechanics

  • While some of the changes may appear small on the surface, they introduce a lot of new gameplay opportunities


  • A lot of the fundamental changes have now been completed to localize Miscreated in other languages

  • The game has already been partially translated into some languages by the community - thank you to all those that have helped so far!

  • Most of the UI, except the Main Menu, can now be fully localized,...

Version 1.0 is a major milestone for Miscreated because it means that Miscreated is leaving early access (alpha) and is now considered a beta release of the game.

1.0 indicates that the majority of all planned features for the game have now been implemented.

Several of the implemented features will continue to evolve and be improved upon as further development takes place, as well as general game optimization and polishing.

For your enjoyment, Miscreated 1.0 contains over 100 weapons, 15 types of vehicles, 12 types of AI, 19 main weather patterns, 100 skins, 700 clothing variations, 400 base building parts, and 100s of other gameplay related items.

Miscreated is a dangerous world. Be prepared to survive!

Follow Miscreated social media channels for all the latest news and information:

  • Discord: discord.gg/miscreated

  • Twitter: twitter.com/miscreatedgame

  • Instagram: entradainteractive

  • Facebook: facebook.com/miscreatedgame

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

  • Iron Sons' DLC -...


Thanks for sharing so many wonderful moments with us in this first year and we're glad that you became part of this community, we hope you'll enjoy this video... This is us, this is Nevermore...

Raven - 7:30 AM

1 year ago exactly, I made this discord room, with only Artemis and uncle, something small and simple, and a Miscreated server with PVE rules.. and boy i never expected it to grow like it did, the goal was to make a proper PVE server for people that wish to play PVE and not worry, and soon we had people flying in within months Nite contacted me, since we all new each other from before and we partnered up and a PVP server was born as an addition to PVE from his end and a full on website and already at this point it all became 3x what i expected and now after 1 year exactly since start a 3rd server being added as well. I am happy that people in general are enjoying them and the admining we have come along way since day one, almost 600 members on discord as well. We met a lo...

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Give me a moment to post the winners

Congrats to our winners!

  1. PrimeSlime who finished the course in 7m3s - 20slot tent, putting his 10slot in the prize pool

  2. Hatchie_ who finished the course in 9m9s - Hazmat Gear

  3. Th3HungryWaffle who finished the course in 14m2s - Army Truck

  4. RogueShadow - 10slot tent

  5. KROS

  6. Hagen

  7. Hina (Tiger)

Artemis will contact the winners via pm in Discord for prizes.

Special thanks to our fantastic builder, TavoCants and his crew Vette and PrimeSlime for helping put this together. And all of our @Admin and Gruppo TNT for your help and constant support. No event would be possible without the work of everyone.

Also wanted to thank all of our players who donated for this event: TavoCants, Bestia, Tarzo, Jade, Vette,

Hatchie_ Thank you for your generous donations!

Part of the event can be seen here, recorded by Niteify: 


When: Sunday, June 3rd @ 2:30pm EST or 7:30pm UK time
Where: Nevermore Playground (whitelisted)
How to Apply (Competitors and Spectators): Pm Artemis with your 64bit steamID. Ask if you’re not sure how to find it. (in DISCORD server)

Welcome to another Nevermore event! Our resident expert builder, @TavoCants, has built us the Nevermore Ninja Warrior Arena on our whitelisted server, the Nevermore Playground. Competitors will navigate an obstacle course littered with various traps. If you fall, you must do that obstacle again. Pause to stop and heal and you could lose precious seconds off your time. Die and you will be disqualified.

Prizes (on PVE):

  • The Army truck

  • An airport cart

  • A 10 slot tent

  • A full set of hazmat gear (hazmat mask, hazmat suit and airtank)

Fastest time will have first choice, followed by the 2nd, 3rd then 4th fastest times.

Already have a vehicle or tent? You can choose to upgrade to one of the prizes. Your current vehicle or tent then goes into the...

We are proud to announce the beginning of Bases Monthly Showcase! Each month we'll be judging bases built by the residents and get votes for each of them for the monthly feature!
Submissions can be done in our discord server.

Miscreated devs announced a week ago that they were updating their Steam Store page with user images. And we had a few of our selected.
CORAL-Last Monday at 13:36

It's time for us to update our Store Page Images on Steam. If you would like a chance for your image to be featured on the store page make sure to post it to #content-screenshots Image Requirements: - 1080p minimum resolution - Must be straight from the game (no editing/ overlays) - Graphics settings prefered to be set to Max with AA on We are looking for images that showcase the graphical fidelity of the game, different areas/ weather patterns and most importantly new content/ player interaction.

This is the one they selected from my (Nite) pictures:

And one of our residents (ThingsWithAli) submissions:

Today we had an amazing event, with many participants for many prizes, on our new Playground server! The event was setup by the Admins and GruppoTNT members a week in advance, collecting all the vehicles on the server, special gear for the event, tents to store them , and build locations for where each participant had to get to.

First announcement about the event was earlier today.
RaveN-Today at 12:09

Ok so you will all be collected (picked up) and taken to the airport, where we will start. You'll race to the derby where all vehicles possible are placed fully fixed with gear food drink you'll need. There are 5 boxes set on map each with a single type of itemU will need to find these 5 boxes. Grab 1 item only out of each n wear it. Each box has A TARGET next to it. You need to punch that target after you collect an item. So you damage it slightly, so there's no cheating there. You will be given a clue before we start for each box. After round 30 or 40 min, a 2nd clue. Then...

PVP Kill Competition results:

  1. CrashandLived 109 kills - picked Sleeping Dogs - $29

  2. Tiger 67 kills - passed on the prize

  3. 𝔗𝔥𝔢𝔅𝔞𝔡ℭ𝔥𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔥 56 kills - picked The Long Dark - $34.99

I will be contacting each person with the game picks though Discord, this was an easy event!

Sun, Jan 7th - Sat, Jan 13th

We're hosting a week long event for PVP Server. Play as much as you can, get as many kills as you can by end of day on Jan 13th for the grand prize. Kill people, mutants, wolves, deer, pigs, pretty much anything that moves.

1st - 3rd place, 1st place winner gets to pick one of the prizes, then 2nd place gets to pick the remaining 2, then 3rd place gets the remaining one.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - $29

Tomb Raider - $19.99

The Long Dark - $34.99


No cheating, glitching, exploiting. Stay under the same name entire time. Must be in discord to participate. Once the week is over, I will announce the top 3 survivors.

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