• This update has a lot of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements in it - many of them are based on player's feedback

  • It also has a lot of new changes to the crafting, base building, and vehicle systems

  • Before providing feedback on the changes, please test them in game and then provide feedback on the Miscreated Discord server

  • Over time, we will add/remove/tweak features as needed to improve the gameplay of Miscreated

  • Some of these changes are to explore a faster gameplay style that balances the crafting and raiding mechanics

  • While some of the changes may appear small on the surface, they introduce a lot of new gameplay opportunities


  • A lot of the fundamental changes have now been completed to localize Miscreated in other languages

  • The game has already been partially translated into some languages by the community - thank you to all those that have helped so far!

  • Most of the UI, except the Main Menu, can now be fully localized,...

Version 1.0 is a major milestone for Miscreated because it means that Miscreated is leaving early access (alpha) and is now considered a beta release of the game.

1.0 indicates that the majority of all planned features for the game have now been implemented.

Several of the implemented features will continue to evolve and be improved upon as further development takes place, as well as general game optimization and polishing.

For your enjoyment, Miscreated 1.0 contains over 100 weapons, 15 types of vehicles, 12 types of AI, 19 main weather patterns, 100 skins, 700 clothing variations, 400 base building parts, and 100s of other gameplay related items.

Miscreated is a dangerous world. Be prepared to survive!

Follow Miscreated social media channels for all the latest news and information:

  • Discord: discord.gg/miscreated

  • Twitter: twitter.com/miscreatedgame

  • Instagram: entradainteractive

  • Facebook: facebook.com/miscreatedgame

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

  • Iron Sons' DLC -...

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