We have opened up the new Canyonlands DLC map as one of our PVE servers (formerly our PVP server).
Anyone who played on the PVP server will have all their learned guides carry over.

We'd like to announce that our staff has worked diligently to create this most accurate to date, interactive Vehicle and Tent spawn location map.
(NOTE: Some data is still being gathered and worked on)

We are proud to announce the beginning of Bases Monthly Showcase! Each month we'll be judging bases built by the residents and get votes for each of them for the monthly feature!
Submissions can be done in our discord server.

Miscreated devs announced a week ago that they were updating their Steam Store page with user images. And we had a few of our selected.
CORAL-Last Monday at 13:36

It's time for us to update our Store Page Images on Steam. If you would like a chance for your image to be featured on the store page make sure to post it to #content-screenshots Image Requirements: - 1080p minimum resolution - Must be straight from the game (no editing/ overlays) - Graphics settings prefered to be set to Max with AA on We are looking for images that showcase the graphical fidelity of the game, different areas/ weather patterns and most importantly new content/ player interaction.

This is the one they selected from my (Nite) pictures:

And one of our residents (ThingsWithAli) submissions:

Today we had an amazing event, with many participants for many prizes, on our new Playground server! The event was setup by the Admins and GruppoTNT members a week in advance, collecting all the vehicles on the server, special gear for the event, tents to store them , and build locations for where each participant had to get to.

First announcement about the event was earlier today.
RaveN-Today at 12:09

Ok so you will all be collected (picked up) and taken to the airport, where we will start. You'll race to the derby where all vehicles possible are placed fully fixed with gear food drink you'll need. There are 5 boxes set on map each with a single type of itemU will need to find these 5 boxes. Grab 1 item only out of each n wear it. Each box has A TARGET next to it. You need to punch that target after you collect an item. So you damage it slightly, so there's no cheating there. You will be given a clue before we start for each box. After round 30 or 40 min, a 2nd clue. Then...

PVP Kill Competition results:

  1. CrashandLived 109 kills - picked Sleeping Dogs - $29

  2. Tiger 67 kills - passed on the prize

  3. 𝔗𝔥𝔢𝔅𝔞𝔡ℭ𝔥𝔢𝔢𝔱𝔞𝔥 56 kills - picked The Long Dark - $34.99

I will be contacting each person with the game picks though Discord, this was an easy event!

Sun, Jan 7th - Sat, Jan 13th

We're hosting a week long event for PVP Server. Play as much as you can, get as many kills as you can by end of day on Jan 13th for the grand prize. Kill people, mutants, wolves, deer, pigs, pretty much anything that moves.

1st - 3rd place, 1st place winner gets to pick one of the prizes, then 2nd place gets to pick the remaining 2, then 3rd place gets the remaining one.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition - $29

Tomb Raider - $19.99

The Long Dark - $34.99


No cheating, glitching, exploiting. Stay under the same name entire time. Must be in discord to participate. Once the week is over, I will announce the top 3 survivors.

"Mystery Server Event, Sunday @ 2pm EST, 7pm UK No special gear needed, no need to bring anything or store anything anywhere PRIZES:
1st Prize: 25 slot tent on PVE 2nd Prize: 15 slot tent on PVE Apply by sending your ingame name and steamID to Raven or Artemis"

Our Demolition Derby event Winners and Prizes
1: Tobi - 25 Slot Tent

2. Vette - 15 Slot Tent

3. PrimeDimeSlime - Thor automatic shotgun

4. Firemaster - Thorautomatic shotgun

Winner's and times:

  1. Tobi - 19m55s - Pickup Truck

  2. DeathBringer - 28m25s - Quad

  3. Tenzo - 32m00 - 5-Ton

Full recording of it can be seen here:

 "How does it feel to die"
Please Stand-By for date and time of this event on PVE server!

 NEVERMORE PVP server going live on Friday the 13th, normal player and mutant damage, but NO BASE DAMAGE.
Now many have questions how this differs from normal PVP.
A: No base damage will allow you to keep your items safe for no one to break in, as long as you secure it good enough.

There have been many opinions about Miscreated, there are as many positive as negative comments. But here is a video from a good friend of ours, he compares how the game used to be, and how far it has progressed, including the differences that none of the newer players who only started playing this game in 2017 have yet to notice or realize. 
Here is ThingsWithAli video:

Visit his YouTube for more videos, and make sure to follow him: YouTube/ThingsWithAli

Would like to give a shout out to fellow Survivors, very friendly server. 

If you like to base build, listen to music, not worry about other players attacking you, well this is the right place to go to! They have lots of community boxes and events.
Discord: https://discord.gg/PKKZXpw

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