Hello all
We have some news, might be good for some, some might not like it, its been discussed internally on how to proceed with the new map coming out soon. So here it is, both PVE servers will stay on islands map as is the PVP server however, will be turned into a PVE server running on the new map. Our main pull was always PVE so maybe its best if we focus on that. We will not let the PVP people out on dry tho, more below on that How we will proceed is basically:

  1. PVP will be whitelisted, everyone with a base on the PVP server will be whitelisted, everyone who plays on it without a base will be whitelisted additionally once we check if its correct

  2. PVP and ai damage will be turned off, and ai numbers and horde spawns will be crancked up, giving you plenty of chance to farm for coin, it will stay like this until the new map is released giving you time to kiosk everything, you can even kiosk your entire base (1 coin per stack of 5 baseparts)

  3. Once the new map is out, th...

This sunday! MurderBrawl in the Arena.

There can be only one victor.

Anyone who wishes to participate needs to pm me with their steam id.

Server will be whitelisted for the duration of the event and pvp damage will be on.

Reward a shiny set of wheels filled with goodies.

U will have to come naked, we can store your duffles etc at the arena.

All fighting gear will be provided there.

The event will start at 8 pm my time which is i have no idea what, Artemis will fill in that part of info.

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