EVENT: Nevermore Playground Scavenger Hunt


Today we had an amazing event, with many participants for many prizes, on our new Playground server! The event was setup by the Admins and GruppoTNT members a week in advance, collecting all the vehicles on the server, special gear for the event, tents to store them , and build locations for where each participant had to get to.

First announcement about the event was earlier today. RaveN-Today at 12:09

Ok so you will all be collected (picked up) and taken to the airport, where we will start. You'll race to the derby where all vehicles possible are placed fully fixed with gear food drink you'll need. There are 5 boxes set on map each with a single type of itemU will need to find these 5 boxes. Grab 1 item only out of each n wear it. Each box has A TARGET next to it. You need to punch that target after you collect an item. So you damage it slightly, so there's no cheating there. You will be given a clue before we start for each box. After round 30 or 40 min, a 2nd clue. Then a 3rd obvious one. All clues will be posted in this room. Once you figured out and collected all items, you will race back to the derby, where we will check logs if you punched and collected all 5 items.

These were the clues of locations needed to go to:

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

Dire Straits - Tunnel of Love

PRIMUS - John THe Fisherman

TLC - Waterfalls

Tool - Swamp Song

The locations were: - Waterfall near Woodhaven - Airplane crash building in Hayward Valley - Old fishing village pier

- Swamp across the river from Brightmoor - The tunnel under the highway going to North Shore

The winners and rewards of the competition were: 1. Hatchie (25 slot tent) 2. swa33r (20 slot tent)

3. john doe (20 slot tent)

4. vette (passed on rewards)

5. axel (passed on rewards)

6. naginatax and mikuberries (dirt bike)

7. espyrknight (party bus)

Thanks to everyone involved in this Scavenger Hunt!!!