Nevermore Ninja Warrior winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Give me a moment to post the winners

Congrats to our winners!

  1. PrimeSlime who finished the course in 7m3s - 20slot tent, putting his 10slot in the prize pool

  2. Hatchie_ who finished the course in 9m9s - Hazmat Gear

  3. Th3HungryWaffle who finished the course in 14m2s - Army Truck

  4. RogueShadow - 10slot tent

  5. KROS

  6. Hagen

  7. Hina (Tiger)

Artemis will contact the winners via pm in Discord for prizes.

Niteify Twitch

Special thanks to our fantastic builder, TavoCants and his crew Vette and PrimeSlime for helping put this together. And all of our @Admin and Gruppo TNT for your help and constant support. No event would be possible without the work of everyone. Also wanted to thank all of our players who donated for this event: TavoCants, Bestia, Tarzo, Jade, Vette,

Hatchie_ Thank you for your generous donations!

Part of the event can be seen here, recorded by Niteify: