Nevermore 1 Year Anniversary


Thanks for sharing so many wonderful moments with us in this first year and we're glad that you became part of this community, we hope you'll enjoy this video... This is us, this is Nevermore...

Raven - 7:30 AM

1 year ago exactly, I made this discord room, with only Artemis and uncle, something small and simple, and a Miscreated server with PVE rules.. and boy i never expected it to grow like it did, the goal was to make a proper PVE server for people that wish to play PVE and not worry, and soon we had people flying in within months Nite contacted me, since we all new each other from before and we partnered up and a PVP server was born as an addition to PVE from his end and a full on website and already at this point it all became 3x what i expected and now after 1 year exactly since start a 3rd server being added as well. I am happy that people in general are enjoying them and the admining we have come along way since day one, almost 600 members on discord as well. We met a lot of good people that came and went, some with us since the start like Tavo helping to make it a better place always and these servers wouldn't be what they are without you all supporting us, enjoying and playing and coming together as a community when there's problems to help one another. To try and keep it short since I'm not usually a person of many words, i thank you all for making Nevermore what it is and to many more years to come and perhaps expansions to other similar games in future as well. With this UK based PVE server will open in a few moments (30 min from now give or take) hope u enjoy it, our us based is packed with bases and people (275 bases placed) and hopefully it will give more people to better experience the limited items in-game like (flat land and vehicles)

Raven - 8:00 AM

Second PVE server based in UK is up and running, enjoy, same rules apply for both.. Stay tuned for events as well.