Hello all We have some news, might be good for some, some might not like it, its been discussed internally on how to proceed with the new map coming out soon. So here it is, both PVE servers will stay on islands map as is the PVP server however, will be turned into a PVE server running on the new map. Our main pull was always PVE so maybe its best if we focus on that. We will not let the PVP people out on dry tho, more below on that How we will proceed is basically:

  1. PVP will be whitelisted, everyone with a base on the PVP server will be whitelisted, everyone who plays on it without a base will be whitelisted additionally once we check if its correct

  2. PVP and ai damage will be turned off, and ai numbers and horde spawns will be crancked up, giving you plenty of chance to farm for coin, it will stay like this until the new map is released giving you time to kiosk everything, you can even kiosk your entire base (1 coin per stack of 5 baseparts)

  3. Once the new map is out, the islands map on PVP and database will be wiped and switched to the new map

  4. Some of the rules will be changed, minor changes that wont affect almost anyone, just a handful to go in line w having 3 PVE servers, more on that later

For those who enjoy solely pvp and the rules here i do have an alternative from my good friend spafbi, who focuses solely on pvp servers and also has one of the servers with more or less the same rules, admining as ours and full kiosk support his servers has been around for longer then nevermore even w no fear of shutting off and are sponsored by i3d, i will be switching my pvp base there personally aswell

Spafbis Castles: Featuring: Indestructible bases; custom real-time ranking system; custom death, join,and leave messages; 1hr despawn timer for bodies; fast crafting times; infinite stamina; death map; automated events system [mutants and wildlife are stronger at night; Afternoon Rush - players do 50% more damage to other players and AI for an in-game hour]; full kiosk support; i3D sponsored server; no mods!

He also has diff pvp servers with different settings aswell running

If there are any questions or concerns please voice them up in a polite manner, and we can discuss them we also saved a database copy of the PVP server, in case the people revolt and would want to continue on a self hosted variation of it.