Future of Nevermore Servers

Important announcement regarding the future of Nevermore servers

After some discussions and looking at the data, we decided to take our servers to the next step

all i3d Nevermore servers will be eventually closed down, there is only a handful left of servers being rented at i3d, but this does not mean the end of Nevermore Miscreated, simply a new beginning.

They will be lowered to 2 servers, one US based Islands server, and one EU based Canyonlands server, the provider will be switched (all the changes to kiosks and prices simply doesn't justify it anymore, i3d costs 2x as much as any other provider out there regarding Miscreated)

We are currently testing a new provider, and i have also made mods for the new servers that are to come (vehicles galore, enough for every person to have a good set of wheels, bases increased to 450 parts and build radius and height etc etc)

The first server to make the switch will be Canyonlands, islands will come some time after that, more on that in the future, All current servers will be no AI damage and i will update on when they will close later on, not to worry u will have a minimum of 1 month at least to either transfer to kiosk if u so wish to, to play on a different i3d server.

rules will be adapted to the new server environments as well, and we will have more admin control as well.

those staying with us and going to the new servers we will be able to help get a good restart by spawning in guides etc so you can get back up quick, the new ones will run no AI damage for a month as well so u guys can get back up.

i wont be transferring the databases, making it a fresh beginning but i will save the old databases anyways just in case

If you have questions, concerns and so on please ask in Discord server, discuss in general chat. And I hope to see you all on the next page of nevermore servers